Jason Halek Innovative Techniques Maximize Resources

Posted by Admin - July 7th, 2012

When Jason Halek and Halek Energy Partners first decided to find innovative ways to approach the energy drilling process, they knew that it was important to get insight and advice from the professionals. When it comes to removing energy reserves from the ground, the key is both efficiency and productivity. Jason Halek understood that, leading him to work extensively with engineers, geologists, and other industry professionals. This is why Halek Energy Partners was able to devise methods that were far beyond those currently used by other energy extraction companies.

Each day, more cities and states are putting regulations on energy companies that are designed to restrict the number of sites that can be created. Jason Halek understands that if there are fewer sites available, every site must operate at peak efficiency. When asked about Halek Energy Partners’ commitment to being at the forefront of extraction, Jason Halek explains: “We will never quit until we have the best wells with the highest production numbers and the highest recovery factors in every country, every county, and every state in which we do business.”

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